Lovely Vert Der Ferk Chef Knife shirt

Let’s take this Vert Der Ferk Chef Knife shirt, it’s a nice shirt. A parody of television chefs, the Swedish Chef wears a toque blanche, has a thick brown moustache and has bushy eyebrows that completely obscure his eyes. He was one of the few Muppets to employ an actual puppeteer’s visible hands, which extended from the ends of his sleeves and facilitated handling food and utensils. Oz originally provided the character’s hands. Nearly all Swedish Chef sketches on The Muppet Show feature him in a kitchen, waving some utensils while singing an introductory song in a mock language – a semi-comprehensible gibberish supposedly mimicking Swedish phonology and prosody. The song’s lyrics vary slightly from one episode to the next, but always end with “Bork, bork, bork!” as the Chef throws the utensils aside, occasionally knocking items off a shelf or the back wall in the process.

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