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Let’s take this Rhode Island Girl The Sweetest Most Beautiful shirt, it’s a perfect shirt that you should have. In recent years, the word plantation in the state’s name became a contested issue, and the Rhode Island General Assembly voted on June 25, 2009 to hold a general referendum determining whether “and Providence Plantations” would be dropped from the official name. Advocates for excising plantation claimed that the word symbolized an alleged legacy of “disenfranchisement” for many Rhode Islanders, as well as the proliferation of slavery in the colonies and in the post-colonial United States. Rhode Island abolished slavery in 1652, but the law was not enforced and, by the early 18th century, it was “the epicenter of the North American slave trade”, according to the Brown Daily Herald. Advocates for retaining the name argued that plantation was simply an archaic synonym for colony and bore no relation to slavery. The referendum election was held on November 2, 2010, and the people voted overwhelmingly (78% to 22%) to retain the entire original name.

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