Pretty Easily Distracted By Horses And Dogs shirt

You to buy this Easily Distracted By Horses And Dogs shirt, it’s a nice shirt. “My Mother rode right up to a few weeks before I was born, and as soon as I could hold my head up, she took me along. I cannot remember a time when I did not ride… My father was a jack ass. He was perpetually disappointed in me for not being born male. The horses were my escape. They freed my body and my mind. They gave me the love and physical contact that I SO needed at home. My father considered himself a horseman, but even to them, he was an abusive jackass. The horses always loved my Mom. Even my horses think I’m the “bitch with the halter” and my mom is “the cookie lady”. When they see me, they know it’s time to go to work, and when they see her, it’s time for kisses, scratches and cookies! My horses respect me, and my Friesian stallion and my personal riding mare both choose me over anyone else, but the rest of my horses will follow my Mom anywhere! Contact with horses grounds me and quiets my mind and heals my heart.”

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