Great Michael Myers Time To Kill Some Ho Ho Hos shirt

Michael Myers Time To Kill Some Ho Ho Hos shirt is a great shirt that you should have. Michael Myers is an unusually persistent, but very human serial killer in the H2O/Resurrection and 2018 timelines, with only the 4-6 and alternate 4-6 timelines as a genuine supernatural killer. Michael Myers was a little 6-year-old boy who murdered his older sister Judith on Halloween night. In the 4-6 timeline, Michael’s actual personality becomes vague and conflates depending on the version. In the fifth film, Michael has an odd moment of humanity when he takes his mask off for Jamie, and shed a tear before resuming his rage. The difference is in the Producers cut where Michael is explicitly shown as a puppet bound by a supernatural curse, while the theatrical cut the curse is a theory brought up but never fully explored with Michael’s rage being what drives him. In the theatrical cut, Jamie seemingly reaches out to him again, only for Michael to push her down harder onto the blades after seeming to reach back to her.

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