Amazing Alabama Crimson Tide sugar skull shirt

Let’s buy this Alabama Crimson Tide sugar skull shirt if you are a big fan of Alabama Crimson. The 1930 Alabama team coached by Wallace Wade went 10-0 with eight shutouts. According to the Paul W. Bryant Museum, sports writer Everett Strupper of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote a long soliloquy on the size of the Alabama players upon witnessing a game against Mississippi, after which writers referred to the team as the Red Elephants: “At the end of the quarter, the earth started to tremble, there was a distant rumble that continued to grow. Some excited fan in the stands bellowed, ‘Hold your horses, the elephants are coming,’ and out stamped this Alabama varsity. It was the first time that I had seen it and the size of the entire eleven nearly knocked me cold, men that I had seen play last year looking like they had nearly doubled in size.”

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