Lovely Floral I am a good Sister I just cuss a lot shirt

You are a sister, this Floral I am a good Sister I just cuss a lot shirt is for you, it’s a nice shirt that you should have. Sometimes it’s really tough to be compassionate with your siblings when they didn’t follow your advice, resulting in negative consequences. It’s also difficult to be compassionate when you believe they have made foolish mistakes. Ironically, these are the situations your siblings need your compassion the most. Often, siblings have opposing personalities, making it challenging to relate. Remembering that your compassion is not based on mutual agreement – but on a unique family bond – may allow you to respond kindly. If your siblings view you as a listener, they will contact you when they need to vent, but they’ll also be in touch when life’s treasured events occur. We all need people who will hear us when we’re hurting, exasperated, excited or celebrating. It’s even better when your sister is that person. Active listening means really paying attention and demonstrating that you care about the person speaking.

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