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Let’s take this Bad decisions make good stories shirt, it’s a nice shirt that you should have. “The actual value of the phrase comes from believing that some of the best stories you will tell about your life come in moments that are unplanned. It may not always be the easiest or safest option, but I purposefully push myself towards new and foreign things. I find the experience gained is crucial to developing your character, and many facets of your personality. How you react to problems and stimuli — it’s all part of making you a better person. Someday I’ll choose the safe option, because someday I’ll have kids, a house, and a career, but for now, reckless behavior is an essential part of who I am, and I think it’s awesome. I use the word reckless loosely, because that’s how some people see it. I don’t truly believe reckless is the right word, however. I see it more as pushing forward and chasing my own personal story. In all honesty, I don’t just want it to be a good story. I want it to be incredible, and maybe sometimes a little dangerous, because I love living as much as I can.”

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