Nice All Bay Area Sports Teams shirt

You love sports in San Francisco, this All Bay Area Sports Teams shirt is for you. San Franciscans cheer for the Golden State Warriors, which is the NBA team based in Oakland. First formed in Philadelphia in 1946, the team became the San Francisco Warriors in 1962, and by 1971, it was named after the entire state and relocated to what is now the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Football season begins with preseason games in August and runs until the SuperBowl in early February.San Francisco Bay Area hockey fans follow the fortunes of the San Jose Sharks, one of the 30 American and Canadian teams in the National Hockey League, and the regular season runs from early October to April, with the Stanley Cup playoffs coming later.San Jose is also home to the Bay Area’s only Major League Soccer Team, the San Jose Earthquakes. Initially known as the Clash when they formed in 1996, this team was one of the 10 charter members of the MLS.

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