Cool Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Supreme shirt

Deadpool and Pikachu are your two favorite characters, and you also love Supreme brand, this Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Supreme shirt is for you. Why do you love Supreme brand? Supreme clothing is more than just box logo t shirts and hoodies, they make a lot of designs and different types of clothing that appeal to a lot of different people who are into fashion, so to speak. The items are usually more expensive than your average Gap or normal clothes brand, but they’re usually of a higher quality and have good resell value if you decide to sell. Back to your original question about the box logos though, a lot of the t shirts and hoodies are quite rare and old, and are considered statement pieces in a wardrobe, are are in high demand by many due to their simplicity, yet how “iconic” they are, even to people outside of fashion, this leads to extremely high prices in some situations.

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