Adorable Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Adidas shirt

Pikachu and Deadpool are your two favorite characters, this Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Adidas shirt is for you. Why do you love Deadpool? “He is spontaneous and breaks the fourth wall. That’s why internet-goers tend to like him. He can have some hilarious moments that don’t need any context to be funny and memorable whil at the same time DP also has a serious and interesting story. Wade has gone/goes through some pretty heavy shit. So he’s kind of a character with general appeal. While comic lovers may or may not like the nature of the story surrounding the Merc with a Mouth, it’s pretty easy to see a random comic strip on Tumblr, think it’s hilarious, look up Deadpool, and from thenceforth appreciate him. I personally almost like all sides of Wade. He’s not my personal favorite, but I can see why many many people love the character even from what little they might know.”

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