Trending Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Nike shirt

Let’s take this Pikapool Pikachu Pokemon and Deadpool Nike shirt if you love Deadpool and Pikachu. Why is Pikachu so popular? Come on, it’s Pikachu, right? He’s so cute. At the beginning, Pikachu, along with Clefairy were the first two Pokemon used for merchandizing. And so Pikachu is inside all the time, eventually Pikachu became the main mascot for the franchise. And considering it’s a primary color — it’s yellow — so it’s not too hard for kids to spot from a distance right? Also Pikachu’s featured prominently in the series, the TV series, with his trainer Ash Ketchum. Although Pikachu is probably the most recognizable Pokemon out there, it doesn’t mean that in the card game it’s a good choice. In other words, just because Pikachu’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s a popular card in terms of strategic game play.

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