Adorable Niffler Santa Christmas Tree shirt

Let’s buy this Niffler Santa Christmas Tree shirt, it’s a cute shirt. Nifflers were rodent-like creatures with a long snout similar to that of a platypus and a coat of black, fluffy fur. Native to Britain, they lived in burrows as deep as twenty feet below ground, and produced six to eight young in a single litter. Nifflers had a pouch on their bellies which held far more than at first seemed possible, like the effects of an Undetectable Extension Charm on a container. Nifflers were gentle by nature and could even be affectionate towards their owners. However, they could destroy belongings looking for sparkly objects, and for that reason it was inadvisable to keep them as a house pet. It was also implied that they could turn vicious if provoked, as the second Niffler released into Dolores Umbridge’s office apparently tried to take a chunk out of her leg.

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