Funny Jim Carrey Dumb Did somebody say Christmas shirt

Let’s take this Jim Carrey Dumb Did somebody say Christmas shirt if you are a big fan of Dumb and Dumber. Jim Carrey is a main character in this movie, he role Lloyd. Lloyd is a well-meaning, determined, but a terribly immature, dense, loud, abrasive, ignorant, irritating, and obnoxious man with an extremely low intelligence. Handsome looks and all, this gentleman sometimes shows quite a cruel, snakey, sleazy, and vengeful streak, like when he sold a dead parakeet to Billy and when he spiked Harry’s drink with laxative. There were also times when he showed some intelligence, for instance when he tricked Sea Bass using a technique he saw in a movie, albeit not remembering that the characters in that film got their throats slit. Lloyd, though not exactly intentional given his stupidity and ignorance of social norms, can be reprehensibly rude and insensitive at times.

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