Lovely My Patronus Is A Narwhal shirt

Let’s take this My Patronus Is A Narwhal shirt if you love Narwhals, it’s a cute shirt that you should have. The narwhal is most closely related to the beluga whale. Together, these two species comprise the only extant members of the family Monodontidae, sometimes referred to as the “white whales”. The Monodontidae are distinguished by medium size (at around 4 m (13.1 ft) in length), forehead melons (round sensory organs), short snouts, and the absence of a true dorsal fin.[8] Although the narwhal and the beluga are classified as separate genera, with one species each, there is some evidence that they may, very rarely, interbreed. The complete skull of an anomalous whale was discovered in West Greenland circa 1990. It was described by marine zoologists as unlike any known species, but with features midway between a narwhal and a beluga, consistent with the hypothesis that the anomalous whale was a narwhal-beluga hybrid.

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