New Thou shall not poop in the Camper shirt

Let’s take this Thou shall not poop in the Camper shirt if you love camping, it’s a nice shirt that you should have. “Camping offers so many great opportunities to have a good time, whether it be through taking part in fun activities or just resting, there’s a lot that can be done (or not done!). If you camp near a lake, you can swim, canoe, kayak, or lay out on the beach. There’s hiking (day or night!), archery, nature center activities, astronomy nights, cookouts, and my personal favorite: sitting around the campfire with people I love. My family likes to play Heads Up around the campfire while eating s’mores. If you’re instrumentally inclined, there’s no better play to make music than around a campfire. You can horse-back ride, play ultimate Frisbee or disc golf, go caving or wade through creeks. Some campgrounds even offer an outdoor amphitheater where they show movies for the family and have story times. The campground I go to sometimes offers Sassafras Tea tasting. There’s a ton to do if you know where to look.”

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