Lovely Pug Merry Christmas Pugmas shirt

Pug Merry Christmas Pugmas shirt is a lovely shirt that you should have if you love Pugs. Pugs can be very funny at times, and are a constant source of entertainment. If you like taking video’s for posting to Youtube or other video sharing sites, then your silly little pug will be a huge source of content for you. They are playful and fun but without the “demanding” side of it. They are natural “Hams” and “show-offs” always looking to be the life of the party. Pugs also have an elegant side and calm peaceful grace to them. They were breed to be lap dogs for the Chinese royalty. Check out the long list of Royals and other dignitaries that have owned Pugs. Warning. Pugs are friendy, yes they do love everyone and anybody. That’s just the way they are. They love the guy who lives across the street, the guy who lives behind you, they love the UPS guy and the mailman. They even love the dog next door. They are excellent people dogs and also other animal dogs, So if you have another dog in your house or apartment, or even a cat, you can be pretty sure that the Pug will be friends with it.

(sometimes), thoughtful, efficient and responsible.

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