Cool Sans Skeleton I’m Lazy And I Know It shirt

Sans Skeleton I’m Lazy And I Know It shirt is a cool shirt that you should have if you think that you are a lazy person. “Socialization is not mandatory. If I am not motivated to socialize, I’m comfortable with that. If I am having no problems with being able to survive, then I personally think the only point of socialization is to find a mate. If you want to do that, you need to find a way to integrate with an area containing potential mates. If you are in school, socialization becomes a whole other ball game. And it is horribly exacerbated with the advent of social media. School is a social structure that you are being forced to interact with, just like prison. It takes on a life of its own. You have to deal with that kind of life, but remember, you can react to peer pressure any way you decide and these people that you deal with in school; can easily be gone once you graduate.”

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