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Let’s take this Kansas Chiefs Royals and Jayhawks sweater, it’s a amazing shirt that you should have. What is your favorite football team in Kansas? Pro football — the ratings, the popularity, the money, the cultural resonance — beats the living pants off of every other organized American sporting league, across the board. So there’s that. With a few exceptions — St. Louis being key among them — any city with an NFL team tends to think of itself as a pro football city first.”Even those years with Vermeil, you look at some of those years — they weren’t great, but they were exciting. Of course, the Schottenheimer era before that, where they were consistently good and really had Super Bowl-quality teams and just couldn’t get over the hump … I think a lot of people, they associate that, I think, with Kansas City.” And when times are good here, they’re very, very, very good. The Chiefs played to 98.1 percent capacity crowds at Arrowhead in 2014 and 98.2 percent capacity the year before that. Team broadcasts drew a 36.1 average rating this past fall, the seventh-highest number among NFL markets behind the Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Broncos, Steelers and Bills.

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