New The Grinch I Do What I Want shirt

Let’s take this The Grinch I Do What I Want shirt, it’s a cool shirt that you should have. Why dose Grinch steal Christmas? The Grinch thought that if he inflicted the pain he felt on them, the Whos would feel the way he felt. In some ways, this is the wounded self attempting to get some understanding and empathy. However, the Whos were “proactive” instead of “reactive.” They were not going to act out of their pain. Instead, they chose to stay in touch with their values and what was important to them; celebrating Christmas! The Grinch’s moment of epiphany is realizing that he, like the Whos, can choose. The Grinch witnessed the Whos choose love over reactive hate. They chose their attitude rather than letting circumstance dictate the day. This made it hard for the Grinch to keep them in the box labeled “bad Whos.” Something convinced the Grinch that perhaps he had it all wrong. Maybe he’s not that bad, and maybe they aren’t either. Maybe the Whos in Whoville are not deserving of his worst behavior, and perhaps he can do some good for others. Maybe there is good in the world.

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