Adorable Nope still not having kids my dog is allergic shirt

You love dogs, this Nope still not having kids my dog is allergic shirt is for you, it’s a nice shirt that you should have. Our voiceless companions, dogs are a blank canvas on which we can paint anything we wish. When it comes to love, that’s a powerful temptation. Are dog and human love compatible? Dog love can lead human beings away from one another and from the painstaking work of coming to terms with our own species. But dogs can teach wounded people how to trust and love again. They can ease loneliness, buffer pain. Behavioral research suggests that men and women love dogs equally, but often in different ways. Men usually love dogs because they don’t talk, which makes them the perfect pals. A guy can have an intense relationship, like Samuel does with Namath, and never have to discuss it. Women are more likely to see dogs as emotionally complex creatures; it’s disturbingly common to hear them say their dogs understand their moods better than their boyfriends; that their dogs know when they’re upset, but their husbands don’t.

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