Lovely Pilgrim Peanuts and Snoopy Woodstock Thanksgiving shirt

If you love Snoopy and Woodstock, this Pilgrim Peanuts and Snoopy Woodstock Thanksgiving shirt is a cute shirt for you. Woodstock is a supporting protagonist from Peanuts and the best friend of Snoopy. He first appeared in the comics in the 1960s but his first appearance in an animated movie or TV special was “Snoopy Come Home”. After Snoopy he’s the most known nonhuman character in the comic strips. Just like Snoopy in the TV specials he is voiced by Bill Melendez. Snoopy and Woodstock friendship is similar to Garfield the cat and Odie friendship. Snoopy began befriending birds when they started using his doghouse for various occasions: a rest stop during migrations, a nesting site, a community hall, or a place to play cards. A mother bird flew in while Snoopy was lying on top of his dog house. She chose Snoopy’s stomach as a good place to make her nest. She left two eggs that hatched. One of them was Woodstock.

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