Trending Punisher Trump shirt

Do you like Trump? Let’s take this Punisher Trump shirt, it’s a cool shirt that you should have. Why do many people hate him? Trump is an embarrassment. We are now forced each morning to learn what new and embarrassing things the leader of the nation we used to be proud of has said or done on the world stage. Trump is a liar bent on making (or keeping) his “base” angry and afraid. He spins everything and tells his “followers ” the press is their enemy. This is for his benefit alone (narcissist) and not for the good of the nation. He lies every single day, to all sorts of people, and refuses to see that a divided nation is a weakened nation. Why? Because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.Trump isn’t intelligent. He speaks in a childish way and half the time sounds like a moron. He has convinced a good portion (maybe 38%) of the nation that he is smart (he has a “big brain”) but none of us who have already survived the torture of living with a narcissist believe what he says — or that he is intelligent. We see the commoner that he is.

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