Funny Trump turkey make thanksgiving great again shirt

Do you love Thanksgiving? Let’s take this Trump turkey make thanksgiving great again shirt if you love it. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve got turkey on the brain, family penciled into our schedules and appreciation pumping through our hearts. We’re primed to take the holiday to reflect on the year and count our blessings. Everyone focuses on friends, family and health, but we should take note to appreciate something we often dismiss: the unexpected, fleeting moments of bliss we are gifted with every so often. Every moment was unplanned, and every decision was a visceral response to what was right in front of us. As we started driving through the Redwood Forest, we decided to take a detour and visit Monterey Bay. When we were on our way back to LA, we passed the Golden Gate Bridge and decided to drive over it — even though it was in the wrong direction. These glimmers of spontaneity can be some of the best moments of our lives. They make us realize that the world has so much more in store for us than what we can anticipate.

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