Nice Alice’s Restaurant Massacree Thanksgiving Tradition shirt

Let’s take this Alice’s Restaurant Massacree Thanksgiving Tradition shirt if you love Alice’s Restaurant. The original song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” that formed the basis for the film’s central plotline was, for the most part, a true story. However, other than this and the hippie wedding at the end of the film, most of the other events and characters in the film were fictional creations of the screenplay’s writers. According to Guthrie, commenting in the DVD’s audio commentary section, the film used the names of real people but took numerous liberties with actual events. Richard Robbins, Guthrie’s co-defendant in real-life, was replaced by the fictional Roger Crowther for the film (in the song, he remained anonymous). The subplots involving the Shelly character were completely fictional and not based on any real people or incidents in Guthrie’s life; his character’s motorcycle club was loosely based on the Trinity Motorcycle Club (or, by a conflicting account, the Triangle Motorcycle Club), a real-life group of cyclists that associated with the Brocks and were alluded to in another Guthrie song, the “Motorcycle Song.

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