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What do you know about Michigan, let’s take this Valiant university of Michigan Revenge Tour Reaper shirt, it’s a cool shirt that you should have. Michigan Stadium, which was completed in 1927 at a cost in excess of $950,000, originally had seating available for 72,000 fans. As the stadium neared completion, Fielding Yost requested an additional 10,000 temporary seats for the concourse at the top of the stadium. When Michigan Stadium officially opened in 1927, it was the largest college-owned stadium in the nation with a capacity of 84,401. Numerous renovations and additions over the years have increased the seating to its current 109,901 capacity. In 1925, the land where Michigan Stadium now stands was purchased for $240,000. This land is located where a spring had been, a source that had served the University of Michigan’s water needs in its earlier days. The water posed a problem to the construction as the land had to be lowered to take care of a large underground lake. The surface, which nearly resembled quicksand, engulfed a crane during construction, which according to legend remains buried under the stadium today.

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