Great When God Created Norwegians uff da shirt

Let’s take this When God Created Norwegians uff da shirt, it’s a funny shirt that you should have. Norway is very non-hierarchical in its approach, being quite informal in both business structures but also the everyday life. The boss is probably sitting in the middle of an open plan office, there’s no dress code, and decisions are usually made collectively with compromise, as opposed to being a conclusion drawn by a leader. Equality is important in Norway. Everyone will speak their mind, different opinions will be respected and included in making the decision. Sometimes you might actually experience being summoned to a meeting to plan the time and date for the next meeting. Because the boss wouldn’t want to set a date for a meeting without everyone agreeing. This informality and equality is also a part of everyday life in Norway is. Norway is a country with a very “flat” society. There is little difference between the status of an ordinary employee and the CEO of a company. In example, most people address their child, their neighbor, their boss or even the King in the same way – simply by first name. Our Prime Minister is a woman named Erna Solberg, but everyone will know who you are talking about if you say “Erna”. This informal approach is similar to the one I see in the Memorial Church. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual without any sort of social stratification.

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