Cute Baby Pug and Fa la la la llama christmas shirt

You love Pug, let’s take this Baby Pug and Fa la la la llama christmas shirt, it’s a great shirt that you should have. Pugs are endearingly cute, very smart (don’t let the bored face fool you) and extremely affectionate. They are also one of the few dogs that you don’t have to worry when left alone with children as even though they are a small breed, they are not aggressive towards children (smaller beings). Unlike a collie which, though playful will probably topple a kid during play, or a husky who usually likes to play rough and won’t mind dragging your kid. Though this is the same for any dog that is not properly socialised- pugs , due to their royal lineage of having been lap dogs ( and not working dogs like collies and huskies) have a gentler demeanor (generally). Well they also will follow u around the whole day and look up at you as if you are their whole world. Who wouldn’t want that!!

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