Cute I Like My Hedgehog And Maybe 3 People shirt

I Like My Hedgehog And Maybe 3 People shirt is a charming shirt that you should have if you love hedgehog. Having a unique and exotic pet is cool, but if the animal is also slightly terrifying, the fun may be lost a little bit. Hedgehogs, originally from Africa and Asia, are definitely uncommon as pets, but they aren’t going to scare off your friends or give you the creepy crawlies. At the most, they get a little spiky when scared, but it’s really quite cute seeing them roll up into a prickly ball. If you have always dreamed of having an Instagram-famous pet, hedgehogs are the perfect choice. They can be taken around easily for funny pics that are sure to rake in the likes. Taking cute pictures of hedgehogs is too easy, as most of the time they’re just chillin’ anyway, basically posing for you without even trying. Our hedgehog loved being put into this pumpkin sock, probably just because she likes the attention.

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