Great Phenomenally Latina shirt

Let’s take this Phenomenally Latina shirt, it’s a trending shirt that you should have if you are a latina. Here are some signs that you are a latina. Everyone calls you “Spanish” and it kills your soul because you are only “Spanish” if you are from Spain. But no one seem to understand that fact. You have these high expectations of what love is like and how horrible men are because of all the Telenovelas you watched growing up. Vicks Vapor Rub cures everything… Literally everything from a common cold to a broken foot or a broken heart. If Vicks didn’t fix it this saying, “Sana sana colita de rana” would most definitely cure whatever the problem was. Loud music on the weekends meant a cleaning spree was about to take place. People think you are always yelling when this is actually a comfortable volume for you to be speaking at. Always being asked, “Why are you yelling?” when you think you are speaking at a normal level.

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