Nice Christmas Reinbeer Keystone light sweater

Let’s buy this Christmas Reinbeer Keystone light sweater if you love drinking Keystone light. It’s a great shirt that you should have. “Had this out of a can at an alcoholic’s house. It’s his main support unit, sadly. Proof of my theory that anyone who drinks quality beer has no need to fear they are an alkie, cuz if you are one, this is what you’d drink. Does this even come in bottles? Certainly, I’ve never seen it on tap, even in the seediest of bars. This has a watery mouthfeel and taste, like it was bilge water someone stuck into a bottle across the street from a brewery. I had no idea it had so much as 4.2% ABV, which probably does the poor fratboys no favors at the end of the night. Because it tastes like bad water with a hint of beer in the background, I guess in a way its easily drinkable, so long as the drinker is unburdened by the need for flavor, character of any kind, etc. – woemad,”

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