Lovely Bengal Cat Pocket shirt

Let’s take this Bengal Cat Pocket shirt if you love bengal cat, it’s a cute shirt that you should have. You’ll know a Bengal cat when you see one—they have a richly colored, highly contrasted and unique coat that is hard to miss. Their coats have a “rosette” pattern, and Bengal cats are the only cats that have it. A proper diet with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids help support and maintain the health of those glorious coats. Besides their coats, Bengals have a distinct jaw shape and muzzle conformation, as well as an athletic and well-muscled build. They are a medium to large breed—usually 13-16 inches tall and weighing 6-14 pounds. If most cat breeds are known to be curious, Bengals fulfill that role to a T. Besides their curious nature, this breed is also intelligent, active and clever. They require a lot of exercise, which includes climbing and exploring, and they can even learn to play fetch or perform other tricks. The Bengal cat also makes for a great family pet, since they love attention, are super smart and get along well with other pets (although you’ll need to be careful not to leave them alone with smaller animals like hamsters or guinea pigs, since a Bengal’s prey drive is high).

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