Cool Hockey Girl Under armour logo shirt

Let’s take this Hockey Girl Under armour logo shirt if you love Hockey. It’s a cool shirt that you should have. In most big league sports, the athletes tend to cruise a little bit. For many individuals, getting to the Show and collecting a hefty paycheck is pretty much all they had ever hoped for. Not many of them still have that fire in their belly to win a championship after that, sadly. And quite a few of the most talented players exert just enough effort to get them by, instead of truly competing. Hockey players are typically the lone exception. Maybe it has something to do with the ingrained philosophy that hockey is a team sport first, last, and always – or maybe it’s because a lot of hockey players are small town guys who have their heads on straight. I don’t know. But come around playoff time, you have to be dead to not get on the ice to play. And even teams who aren’t in the running for playoffs still put in a good effort down the stretch. That’s almost unheard of in the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. The individual and team efforts in hockey is what puts the entire sport head and shoulders above the rest.

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