Nayib Bukele Aguila no Caza Mosca T-shirt

Nayib Bukele Aguila no Caza Mosca shirt is a trending shirt that you should have. In the municipal elections of 2015 he won the mayoralty of San Salvador, the Capital City of El Salvador, representing a coalition of the FMLN in coalition with the PSP, obtaining 89,164 votes (50.37% of total). His main challenger, businessman and former deputy Edwin Zamora, ARENA, won 82,288 votes (46.49%). The latter party had controlled the city during the previous six years. Nayib Bukele took office on May 1, 2015. As mayor, he was denounced by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) for political nepotism. He was also sued by the Tribunal on Governmental Ethics (TEG) and the Court of Accounts of the Republic of El Salvador (CCR) for nepotism, due to hiring 5 of his family members for the Salvadoran Mayor’s Office.[ He also came under fire from the mayor that succeeded his term in office, Ernesto Muyshondt, for leaving the mayor’s office with a debt of 270 million US dollars.

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