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Let’s take this Gun Business Knife Personal shirt, it’s a cool shirt that you should have. “Anytime somebody commits a murder or assault, either by choking, stabbing or making bodily contact, it always speaks to a level of rage and perhaps a personal connection to the victim that shooting with a gun does not,” said Naftali Berrill, a forensic psychologist in New York City. “When you are stabbing someone, it’s close and in your face. The experience is more visceral and more graphic, more provocative. It speaks emotionality, whether rage or paranoia.” Perhaps the student couldn’t get a gun, the weapon of choice for perpetrators of mass violence at schools, workplaces, malls and even military installations. Or perhaps he was living out a fantasy, Berrill said. In some cultures, attacking multiple strangers with a knife is part of a mental disorder or syndrome called “amok,” a term that originated in Indonesia, according to James Clark, a psychologist in Rochester, N.Y.



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