Charming Christmas Cookie Baking Team Captain Ugly Sweater

You love baking, let’s take this Christmas Cookie Baking Team Captain shirt and wear it on Christmas day this year. What is it about baking that is so intensely satisfying? I enjoy cooking in general, but when I make savory dishes, it’s primarily for the sake of eating them. I love eating what I bake, too, but my desire to do it is often less motivated by the result than by the process itself. In short, I love the baking part of baking, not just the eating. The slow process of measuring, sifting, and stirring; waiting as the dough rises in the oven and the house becomes saturated with the scents of butter and flour and chocolate; pulling the pans out of the oven and finding the dough transformed into something golden and perfect. And, OK, fine, also the part where I stuff my face with warm gooey cookies. That part admittedly isn’t terrible.



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