Pretty Glitter Grinch monogram ornament wine sweater

Do you love wine? Do you drinking wine on Christmas day? Let’s take this Glitter Grinch monogram ornament wine shirt, it’s a charming shirt that you should have. Wine is sensual, pleasureable. It all starts through the nose: the bouquet. Although we drink wine and feel its texture through our palate, a large part of wine is truly about aromas. Smell is directly connected to the part of our brain that triggers memory, humor, and emotions. That’s why, when we sniff out a scent in the wine, at times we may not be able to identify it with words, but it takes us back to a familiar memory. You may flash back for a nano second to your grandmother’s kitchen making raspberry jam as a kid. With a trained nose, you can even smell out the wine’s age, region, assemblage, and how it was produced. It gives clues about what’s to come next when you sip it.



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