Adorable Mickey Mouse Autism – Dare to be different shirt

Mickey Mouse Autism – Dare to be different shirt is a amazing shirt that you should have. Difference is a good thing. “Everyone has a different perspective on what is good and great. What to one person may be an OK thing or good or even great depends on the circumstances and point of view. To many parents seeing their children smile is good. To me seeing my eldest daughter smile is fantastic, at 8 months old she contracted a virus which went astray in her system and caused very severe viral encephalitis. She spent a month in a coma, we were doing shifts around the clock changing nappies,swabbing her mouth to stop her mouth and lips drying and bathing her all with no response or recognition anyone was there or anything was happening. Just over 4 weeks after she had been rushed to the hospital we were getting her ready for her bath, as I lowered her into the warm bubbles of the bath a smile slowly broke across her face, the first sign of any kind to show she was still with us. to us that was the greatest smile we had ever seen.”



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