Pretty This Grinch Love wine christmas Ugly sweater

This Grinch Love wine christmas shirt is a trending shirt that you should have. It’s true that in the run-up to Christmas, TV adverts selling a cosy Christmas card fireside scene, wine glasses in hand, or a glamorous Champagne lifestyle filled with beautiful people, predominate more than ever. Supermarkets push cheap booze and festive parties are raucous and irreverent. Switch on TV soaps and the settings are all too often centred on the pub or the wine bar. They are, to programme producers, an easy, perhaps lazy, way of bringing many different characters together. Coronation Street has as a pub, The Rovers Return, as one of its main focal points, as do Emmerdale, and Eastenders. They are the innocuous hubs of their respective communities, and everyone is cheerful, in control and seemingly immune, with one or two rare exceptions, to the effects of alcohol. The festive period is even more jolly with no hangovers in sight!



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